Thursday, June 30, 2011

Time To Wake Up.

After a flurry of email exchanges over the past few weeks, the soccer club's board meeting finally took place Tuesday night.

In my dreams, the board members would have recognized the board president for who he is and what he's done.

In my dreams, the board president would have listened intently with an objective ear to my grievances.

In my dreams, the board president would have offered up an apology for his actions of his own accord, or at least because I pressed him for one.

In my dream of dreams, the board president would have been relieved of his duties, never to serve again.

But back to reality. None of this happened.

What happened instead is that he continued to refuse to answer my questions. Even after I pointed out to him that the club has disclosed this information in the past, and he admitted to no policy change, he still refused to answer my questions.

He sat there and told me (but wouldn't look at my dtr who was seated right beside me) that my daughter was cut from the team because of her slow times on the 35 yard dash at tryouts. Hello, she's been in the goal box for the last 4 years for this team, of course she's going to have the slowest times on the dash. She's not on this team because of her speed, she's on this team because she's one hell of a goalie. Never mind her body of work as goalie for the team, let's just look at some arbitrary times taken at a tryout. I'm not sure when she would ever have to dash 35 yards as goalie, but OK. And let's remember that her speed was never in question in years past, only this year, after this guy decided he has it out for me.

Also told me she was cut because the evaluator overheard her comment to a team member that she would only want to play for the team if they would allow the former coach to resume coaching.

They cut her from the team because they overheard something a 13 year old girl said to her teammate?

He said that showed she had a bad attitude.

I had to ask him four times before he would answer me, if he had ever gotten word of this girl having an attitude problem over the past four years.

He finally, begrudgingly, answered that he had not.

But at least we're being honest now. She was cut for a slow tryout stat that has nothing to do with the position she plays, even though it has never been an issue in the past.
She was cut for a comment not directed at the coach, but overheard by the coach.

Makes so much sense to me now.

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alphamama said...

Oh, I so get what you mean...hug the goalie for us and tell her that life isn't always fair...but what goes around comes around. We'll be looking for justice/karma on her behalf!


farmbeachgal said...

Thanks Dee. Hug dispensed.

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