Monday, September 26, 2011

Button Trouble

I swear, all these blog contests are a pain in the patootey.

There's the old standby Top Mommy Blogs. You, my faithful readers, keep me in the top 1 to 1 1/2% of the whole pile.

But lately there seems to be some sort of glitch and I can never vote for anyone or even check my numbers. Frustrating.

Top Mommy Blogs - Click To Vote!

Then there's the site, where someone was sweet enough to nominate me as one of the best blogs under the Special Needs category. How awesome.

But sumpin's up wit dat, b/c the votes never change. Though I've been on there for weeks, and I know that people (myself included) have voted, the votes never budge from 6.

There is an email of someone to contact with questions, which I've done twice now, but I have never gotten a reply.


And last but not least, there's this here Circle of Moms thing. I'm entered in that for best big families blog. Or somethin'. That one, I think, seems to be working.

But because I've had so many problems with these things, I haven't even mentioned it. Which means I'm about dead last. Ug.

What difference does any of this make, you might ask?

It feeds my ego.

Well. Beyond that. If any good comes out of my blog being positioned well on these sites, it's that my blog gets more exposure. More exposure means more awareness to issues like adoption. Issues like Reactive Attachment Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

More awareness means more understanding, more tolerance, and maybe, just maybe, a few more kids might find their families.

You know those sites you can go to that if you click the button, a cup of rice is donated to feed hungry children, or an acre of rainforest is protected, or pet food is donated to an animal shelter? Yeah. You can kind of think of this like that. I mean, no, I'm not out there feeding rice or rescuing kittens from drain pipes or anything, but the more you view, the more you vote, the more exposure my blog gets, which in turn leads to more awareness, more tolerance, more homes.

So pain in the patootey?

Yeah. Absolutely.

But it's all good.

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