Friday, September 9, 2011

Farm Friday

New pet.

For a few days.

She arrived last night after I had been gone from the house about 11 hours to
take my daughter to the cleft palate team clinic at AI duPont all morning,
take another dtr to the orthodontist,
take my son to a therapy appointment,
pick up a prescription for a sick husband,
and pick up a few essentials at the grocery store.

She is an old dog with white whiskers, cataracts, open sores and a lumpy body.

She requires special food and twice-a-day injections.

I am also still giving our puppy Fiona pain meds for the spaying that was done on Monday and putting anti-itch spray on Sunny's feet and medicated drops in her festering ears.

How do I get myself into these things?

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Anonymous said...

you have a BIG heart, that's how you get into these things ;)

Elisa LaSota said...

Hi There!

I am a friend of Dee's ... came by your blog though hers
and you always seem to give me a smile or a tear!
Love this story! I, too, have a melting heart for all
of our for legged creatures. The time this old friend has
with you will certainly be filled with joy and love! And the question you asked...Well, it's because of who you are ! ;) Plain and simple!!!!!

farmbeachgal said...

Thanks Shar <3
Thanks Elisa. Any friend of Dee's is a friend of mine!

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