Monday, October 17, 2011

Did I Meet Him?


Yes and no.

George was there, and that made my night, because I wasn't sure he would be there at all. At the end of the movie, we saw the director (Alexander Payne) up in the balcony at my 5:00 taking his bows. Then out from behind him came Georgie (!!!!!) and some of the other cast members, as well. He was maybe 15 ft away; I could have hit him with a spitball.

Also? Jake Gyllenhall was two rows behind us. So. Cool.

After the movie (between the two screenings), Mary walked down the red carpet and I got to take a few photos of her from behind the gates where the press stood. I was able to get a brief glimpse of George, then, and of some of the others.

But at the after party? He was a no-show. Bleh. So I didn't get to meet him-meet him. I did get to meet many of the others, though, like Alexander Payne, Judy Greer, Beau Bridges....

When the cast was all riding down the elevator to some meeting, George kissed Mary on her cheek. I pretty much made out with that cheek the rest of the evening. I embarassed the both of us but I have no regrets.

What else....

Oh, here's a funny. So Mary had actually rented a couple dresses, not sure what to wear to this thing
(yeah, fancy people can rent dresses from Rent the so they can wear dresses that would otherwise cost them thousands of dollars. Little Hollywood tidbit for you there)
but couldn't decide which one to go with. So when we were out shopping on Saturday, she found this awesome little dress at H & M for 20 bucks. That's the one she went with. So anyway, when she was on the red carpet, she was interviewed by ET. And they said to her, "Who are you wearing?" And she sez, "H & M. Twenty bucks." I. Love. It. George MF Clooney kissed the cheek of a girl wearing a twenty dollar dress. Slummin'.

Here are a few photos.

Mary hailing us a cab to take us to the event.
Mary, Veronica and I at the film festival, before the screening.
Mary on the red carpet with all the press shouting, "Mary, left, left!" and stuff.
Mary being interviewed by ET.
George on the red carpet.
George being ushered into another room after the red carpet.
Veronica with Shailene Woodleigh.
Mary at the after party with a few co-stars.

I'm not in any pictures with the celebrities. I was saving myself for George, if he showed. Alas....

By the way? I. Am. Exhausted. Four hours of sleep last night. In fact, I don't think I've gotten more than 4 - 6 hours of sleep since last Tuesday night, which is when my sisters first arrived.

But it was so worth it.

As always, thanks for your vote. It's hard work bringing you the inside scoop like this.
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Rooster Inn said...

So happy you all had a great time. At least you got to see George in person. He should be sorry he didn't get to meet you. What a weekend to remember!!! hugs0x0x0x0

Cathy Brown said...

She looked like a million bucks in that $20 dress...and you were looking fabulous yourself Anne! I have always had a secret "thing" for George, but I figure HE should want to meet US! LOL

farmbeachgal said...

Thanks BAM!
Cathy, from what Mary says, he is just the nicest guy. I'm sure he would be HAPPY to meet us.
I would be happier, though....

B&B Brugge said...

Beautiful all pictures and pretty look. awesome this post

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