Friday, October 7, 2011

Farm Friday - Henpecked

Big, bold Big Daddy.

Seems he's hen-pecked.

I guess that's what it is. All around the base of his tail he's bald.

He acts so tough, but I guess he just lets his ladies walk all over him.

Yesterday I was at my milk farm. I thought to myself,

"Who better to ask an animal husbandry question than this nice, young Amish girl?"

So I sez to her, I sez,

"Sadie, let me ask you a question. I've got a rooster that's going bald all around the base of his tail. Have you ever seen that?"

And she knew right what I was talking about.

"Oh yah", she sez. "We had a rooster that happened to. Lost all his feathers right around his tail."

I brightened. I knew I had come to the right place with my question.

"What did you do about it?" I asked.

"We got a new rooster."

Sigh. Please vote.
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Rooster Inn said...

Poor Big Daddy:(
I was reading a chicken website the other day where they were talking about several breeds that were cannabalistic(who knew). Then they mentioned roost mites, and then they talked about the stress of mating. Chickens are com-pli-cated! Maybe poor Big Daddy being young and inexperience just has too much of a good thing:)

farmbeachgal said...

"I was reading a chicken website the other day...."

And this is why I love you!

Urban Hobby Farm said...

Gotta love the chickens. We have about 16 hens but no roosters. They seem to be more trouble than they are worth sometimes. I don't mind the crowing but every time the kids (12 years old)the rooster would attack. We just get our chicks at the feed store now.

farmbeachgal said...

Yeah, my rooster was an "accident". I had ordered all hens, so I was quite surprised when one turned out to be a roo.

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