Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Specials: On bullying and bizarre... pornography?

Coach Comet: "From now on, we won't let Rudolph join in any reindeer games, right? Right!"

Santa: Island of Misfit Toys. Need I say more?

Nestor the Long-Eared Donkey: Pretty much same exact story as Rudolph. The misfit gets teased. Not accepted by anyone. But in the end, the very thing he is teased about is what saves the day. I've seen the movie quite a number of times over the years.

However, a few nights ago, I watched it late at night. With my sisters. After some wine. Bad combination.

Because what I saw, for the first time ever, was that one of the claymation characters had a penis for a nose.

I am not kidding you. One of my sisters mentioned the resemblance, and then that was all we could see from that point on. We paused, we rewound, we freeze-framed, we peed ourselves with the giggles. If you don't believe me, looka-here:



Wait for it.....


I was telling the truth, now, wasn't I?

Please forgive me that bit of pornography. Forgive me and click this here brown button.
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Images courtesy:
Comet: kncifm.radio.com
Santa: rankinbass.com
Misfits: verticalmeasures.com


Sam I Am said...

Oh that just cracks me up!!!!! How funny!

Anne Kimball said...

We couldn't believe it, Sam. My one sister said, "If you stand next to him when he sneezes you might get knocked up!"

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