Thursday, December 15, 2011


T-shirt Totes

From sewmargaretsew:

DIY: Recycled T-Shirt Tote Bag
Instructables: Recycled Tote Bag Shirts... You get to use that funky old shirt sitting on the bottom of your drawer and re-work it back into your life! Love this idea!

It's super easy to do! All you'll need is an old cotton t-shirt, some sewing pins and thread, scissors- and you're halfway there!

Cut off the sleeves and neck line to create your handles.

Pin and sew the bottom portion up.

[Note: pin? Who pins? Just sew it up. No need for perfection!]


Bleach Pen Decor

From Kristen at
[I love-love-love this one, though I haven't done it myself yet. Definitely plan on it, though].
Use foil underneath, draw with bleach pen, wait 30 minutes then wash.


Need a travel mitt for your flat/curling iron? Try this one:

Pot holder sewn in half for hair straightener. Perfect for packing your straightener, even while its hot ..great for travel genius!
From Tami at


Pillow Sleeper

Oh my gosh how adorable is this???? If my kids were little.....
I definitely plan on making one for my nephew for when he visits.

4 pillows/3yds fabric This is better than a beanbag!
Repinned from Watty's Favorites! by Kari Watson

I'm not putting up the instructions b/c they looked long, but honestly if you can't figure it out on your own then why bother, right? Give it a try.

Lori P, I know you have so much time on your hands right now ;-) so you MUST make these for your girls. Can you imagine them all watching a princess movie each lying on their ladybug/bee/butterfly sleepers? I would even go a step further and sew another length of matching fabric to the foot of it to use as a blanket. Maybe sew some fleece to the inside of it to up the cozy factor. Hey, while you're at it, sew some ties onto that and then you could roll the whole thing up like a sleeping bag so it is stowed inside the blanket part.


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Rooster Inn said...

Love these ideas! On the last one, you could use pillow cases sewn together. Velcro to close the flap. Then it would be easy to make and easy to wash:)

Anne Kimball said...

Brilliant, Aunt Mary. And I wouldn't expect anything less from you. 8-)

Sarah said...

Such talent! I love those pillow cushion sleeper things - but so many times you say "sew sew sew"...I can cut, I can glue, I can even iron if I must, but I cannot sew. Dang.

I also tagged you in an award post today - The Versatile Blogger award is available for your acceptance, if you are interested. Seemed kind of fun to me. The red carpet awaits you at

Anne Kimball said...

Cool, Sarah, thanks! I'll check it out.
As for sewing, don't be a hater! I am a sewer/seamstress by no stretch of the imagination. I can kind of do straight lines, like for those totes. One can do many things with straight lines, you'd be surprised.

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