Thursday, December 8, 2011

Our Family Tree (Skirt)

This is another Christmas idea I got years ago, and again I quote Family Fun as my maybe source.

It is our tree skirt for our Christmas tree.

I don't have the instructions for it, but it was pretty easy no-sew project. You just cut out a tree skirt shape out of any heavy fabric you like (I used a green velvety-type). It's basically a great big donut with a slit cut from edge to center. If you need to, just use your existing skirt as a pattern.

Then you turn the edges under and glue them with some tacky glue or hot glue. Glue on some rick-rack for trim, if you'd like.

Then pick some fabric paint that will contrast nicely with the material you used. Pour some onto a paper plate and coat each family members hands, one set at a time, and help them press their hands onto the fabric in pairs around the edges. You can go back later and touch up empty spots with a paintbrush if needed.

Have each person in the family write their name on a piece of tracing paper. Cut out each name so it's a workable, stand-alone square piece of paper. Then on the back of each name, squeeze some good old-fashioned Elmer's glue on the letters, tracing each letter just as the child wrote it. Press this onto the tree skirt just above or just beneath their handprints, pull up the paper, and sprinkle with glitter so you've covered all the glue-letters. Repeat with each person's name.

Finally, write out the year on the skirt with the glue, and sprinkle glitter over that, as well.

Pretty simple, and yet this is maybe the one thing I'd run back into the house for if my house was burning down.

Here is a picture of ours. Pay no attention to the dog and cat hair.

(Names blacked out)

Ours has the year 2001, because that was the year I made it, but then when Bella joined our family in 2003, I added that year. James and Julie's handprints were added six years later, but I still have to go back and write in their names and the year. I'll get to it. No really, I will.

Let me know if any of you end up making this, and show me a picture!

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