Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Kind of Day

I let the kids skip school yesterday so we could head to the mountains for some snow tubing. Because nothing says fun like sliding down a channel of man-made snow while perched on an inflatable tube in 60 degree weather.

I guess when I send the absence notes with the kids on Monday, I'll have to say it was an "educational family trip". What. Physics were involved. Gravity and mass and acceleration and stuff.

When we got there, we walked into this very nice and clean and inviting lodge, and when the woman asked me how many lift tickets, the number "seven" got stuck on my lips and wouldn't come out. I had a hot cup of coffee on one shoulder and my laptop on the other, both whispering sweet nothings into my respective ears. In a mini-trance from their siren songs, the number "six" came out instead of "seven".

And so six eager children ran out the door, lift tickets affixed to their zippers, and one lazy Mom headed to a table by the fire with a nice view of the tubing hill.

Lift tickets and tubes, $144,
Lunches and coffee and sodas at the lodge, $200
Dinner at the Cracker Barrel on the way home, $85,

Five hours of quiet computer time by the fire without the guilt of stuff I should be doing around the house.....priceless.

This is a patch of fog we drove through on our way.
I think we may have travelled back in time or something.
Wait, what year is it? It's 1985, right?

Rosie and friend on deck of lodge during a photo shoot. I was inside blissfully uninvolved with any photography.

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Miss Meg said...

While I definately dont want to wish away my littles' young childhood, I dream of the day I can send them ANYwhere by themselves and trust that they'll be realatively ok. Your day sounds divine!

Anne Kimball said...

Being a Mom to teens is not without its upside, Meg!

Sue said...

Love this - wish we were anywhere near some snow!

Anne Kimball said...

Our snow didn't last long. Oh well, at least they have the man-made stuff up in the mountains.

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