Sunday, February 26, 2012


So tonight's The Big Night. The Oscars.

As you may or may not have heard
oh I'm sorry, have I already mentioned that?(cough)
my sister, actress Mary Birdsong,

was in the movie The Descendants, with George MF Clooney.

And as it turns out, The Descendants will be well represented at tonight's Academy Awards. It's up for:
Best Picture
Best Actor - George Clooney
Best Director - Alexander Payne.

Now, Mr. Payne seemed like a very nice man

name drop-name drop-name-drop

and you all know my feelings for Georgie
swoon-drool-hot flash

and I sincerely hope they both win their categories.

But what I want most of all is for The Descendants to win Best Picture.

Because THEN, Mary can have bragging rights on her resume and , oh well pretty much everything the rest of her LIFE, that she was in an Academy Award-winning movie.

And that would be pretty awesome.

Cheer for Mary! Vote for her sister (that would be me)....
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1 comment:

Rooster Inn said...

I am cheering for Mary, and pointing and clicking your buttons, and loved your post as always:-)

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