Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thanks are in Order.

I just realized that it's been about a year since I started blogging in earnest. As in posting daily, keeping some semblance of focus, promoting it through FB and Twitter, and throwing my hat in the ring in places like Top Mommy Blogs and Circle of Moms and stuff.

And I gotta say Wow.

And I gotta say Thanks.

Not that I'm gonna win any Most Read Blog on the Planet Award anytime soon, nor am I in danger of going viral with a post about an egg-bound chicken or squabbling teenagers, but it's nice to know that folks seem to have responded.

I won't bore you (and embarrass myself) with numbers, but suffice it to say that my blog now gets as many hits in a day as it used to get in a couple of weeks. And though I'll probably never be in the top 10 on Top Mommy Blogs, it's nice to know that I've maintained my position on the "front page" for the better part of a year now.

The act of blogging (as well as the gentle persuasion of some of my readers) has also gotten me to submit a few pieces for publication, and to that end, I have found some success: a bunch of essays in adoption magazines, along with several in upcoming books, as well as quotes in a couple of e-zines and The New York Times. I know, right?

I'm still not even sure why I write this blog. It started as a journal of sorts when we were going through the adoption, and as a means of updating friends and family on where we were in the process. These days, however, it is simply a hodgepodge of the stuff of our lives. The pain, the joy, the wet-myself-with-laughter-stuff that goes on 'round here.

Many bloggers say, "I write for myself". To which I say, really? Then why not a journal in the drawer of your nightstand?

Me, I write to share. Share the funnies, share the pain, share what I have learned/what I hope to learn about Reactive Attachment Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and adoption. Share the critters.
Seriously, anybody want some cats?

Because, you know what they say: misery loves company.

And these days? I've got lots of good company.

Thanks again, people. Really, thanks.....

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