Saturday, February 11, 2012

What's For Breakfast?

So last week I wrote a post about trying to cook more from scratch, and making things that are yummy and let's not forget about easy on the wallet.

First thing I cooked after posting that (for Sat morning breakfast) was PW's Breakfast Burritos.

From, you know, Pioneer Woman. Ree Drummond.
(I'm going to marry her someday)

Anyway, I will admit I don't get a pass on the "whole foods" thing, b/c I used frozen hash browns instead of making the potatoes from scratch. I also used bagged shredded cheese. I did not make my own cheese, I did not buy a big block of cheap cheese and then grate it. I used bags (2 cups per bag)I bought on sale for about $1.00 a bag. Cheap, yes. Whole/organic, no.

Took me about 1/2 hour to make, so this is definitely something I could make on a school morning. Also, I could shave that morning time down if I did some prep work the night before, like chop the peppers, mix up the eggs, cook the sausage. For that matter, I could make the whole mess the night before and then heat them up in the oven if I wanted.

Who am I fooling, I would never do that.

If you click her link you can see the whole recipe, step by step, with beautiful photographs. You're not going to get that from me, but in a nutshell I:
Browned the sausage with the diced pepper and onion.
Beat the eggs in a bowl and added some milk and the cheese and some salt and pepper.
Added the hash browns to the sausage and cooked them till the potatoes began to brown.
Added the egg mixture to the pan with the sausage and patatoes. Cooked till eggs were set.
Heated totillas in m/w.
Heaped big spoonfuls of the whole mess into a tortilla and folded up burrito-style.
Yelled "BREAKFAST!!!!!"
Got out of the way.

I'm trying to think how much they cost to make.

$1.50 (?) 8 count tortillas
$4.00 1 lb breakfast sausage
$1.00 2 cups shredded cheese
$0.50 (approx)1 pepper (though Ree used 2 in her recipe)
$0.50 (approx) 1 onion (Ree didn't call for any, but she uses onions in her brkfst potatoes)
$1.25 1/2 bag frozen hash brown potatoes
$1.75 Dozen eggs (I get eggs from my chooks, but this is a fair price, right?)

So that's roughly $10.00, more or less. Not the cheapest breakfast I've ever made, but very filling with eggs and cheese and potatoes and sausage. Fed about 8 people. And yummy? Oh yeah.

Anyway, PW's Breakfast Burritos. They're what's for breakfast.

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Photo courtesy: Pioneer Woman's website

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