Monday, February 21, 2011

Creeper Alert

OK, regardless of what I may have said in my Valentine's Day post about crushing on JB

aka Justin Bieber
aka The Biebs


it is patently untrue.

The reason I feel strongly about pointing this out is because of some recent Facebook activity on my profile.

See, I have two newly-minted teen girls that are itching and jonesing to get their very own Facebook accounts by the end of this school year. For now, they have to be content with learning the ropes on mine. They have to prove their salt by showing they know the basic rules.

Basic rules including, but not limited to:

*Limiting communication to those people they know face-to-face.
yeah, but I know so-n-so and they know so-n-so, so it's like the same thing.
No dice.

*Not being a stalker of the nth degree by posting on everyone's wall allllllll the time, whether they are biffels or barely-know-you acquaintences.
yeah, but she's so-n-so's BFF, so I'm sure they must like when I post on their wall every third second of the day.
Uhhhh, no.

*If they have to ask me if they know someone then it's safe to assume they don't.
(Pointing to the name of my step-cousin's wife living 1/2 way across the country): I know her, right? So I can chat with her?

Anyway, these two teeny-boppers have recently discovered on FB that there are fan pages for JB, and the other crush, David Archuleta (little-known American Idol runner-up several seasons ago). I gave them the thumbs-up for visiting these sites and they have been ogling and drooling to their hearts' content.

But then it came to my attention that they were also posting comments.

Under MY profile!

So the lovely and talented Justin and David now have comments like,

Justin, I think you're hot
David, I'm your biggest fan
I had a dream last night that we got married

All with my name and picture next to the lusting commentary.

I can only imagine these boys, both of them still in their teen years, reading through their comments and seeing the picture of a 40-something hag next to them.


So I implore you all, any of you that have visited my FB page and seen my lusty comments to JB or David, to understand that it is
sending these love notes.

Do you understand the possible ramifications here?

There could be scandal.
There could be investigations.
There could be the revokation of my school clearances allowing me to chaperone field trips, help out at the book fair, and volunteer on Field Day in 95 degree weather when they're all running and screaming like banshees and they all stink to high heavens and they're sick of school and they're counting the minutes till summer vacation.


Hold that thought. I've got to go post a few things on FB.

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Lori Printy said...

oh my goodness I can't help but laugh. This is classic.

I mean blaming your kids for you inappropriate teen crushes.


Julie said...

Sounds a bit like my house!!
In my blog, i often mske silly comments about my kids - but it's often against me!!!!

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