Saturday, May 21, 2011

Allow me to introduce.....

My family. Our REAL pictures.

OK, so I may have changed their names somewhat, but a girl's gotta draw the line somewhere, right? And I had fun picking them.

And any of you who know my real kids and their real names, well, I know you'll be confused, but do the best you can to keep up.

I'll write s-l-o-w-l-y for you.







I decided to go ahead and use real first names for my husband and myself since we're out there on the net anyway. I'm throwing caution to the wind here!

Me! With my adorable little nephew.
I'm Anne. With an 'e'.
Just like Anne of Green Gables, whom I was named after.

Wow. Now that I've posted pictures I feel so... so FREE!

I feel like I'm skinny-dippin.
Or in my case, chunky-dunkin

In the words of a recent spammer,

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Gr'ma Z said...

Was that Fred, the dog, or Fred, the husband? Enjoy your witty words(and you look so much younger than I imagined!)

farmbeachgal said...

Thank you Gr'ma Z. I'm only 29, after all...

And that was Fred the husband, of course! 8-)

Lou Ann said...

Beautiful family. And they've grown so much since you went on your grand journey for James & Julie! So glad you decided to share them.

Lou Ann & Lexie too

farmbeachgal said...

Thanks Lou Ann. I honestly cannot believe how grown up they've all gotten. Don't blink or the same thing will happen to Lexie!

Deepti Gupta said...

nice blog!!

Deepti Gupta said...

nice blog and lovely family... i like your introduction of family

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