Friday, May 20, 2011

Farm Friday

Time for a monthly update on the chicks. They are two months old.

Not really much to report about them, actually.

They're bigger.
They're smellier.
They're louder.
They're hungrier.
They're still not laying any eggs and won't for a good 2 - 3 more months yet.

They're still taking up residence in The Chick Shack.

I still haven't worked anymore on The Hen House. Because it's spring now and I am too busy fighting with weeds and planting things that will likely not survive very long and fighting with kids to clean the pool and mow the grass.

So since there's not a whole lot to report, how about a little parade of photos showing the progression of their growth?

One day old.

One week old.

Two weeks old.

Three weeks old.

One month old. Transitioned from tub to Chick Shack.

Two months old. Treadin' water till we can start collecting eggs.

Had to throw in a close-up of Tizzy. Ain't she gorgeous? Sorry to use "ain't" but with chicken talk it only seemed appropriate.

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