Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spring Sadness

Rosie discovered a nest of bunnies a couple days ago.
Well. She didn't discover it, one of the dogs did. But she discovered that the dog discovered it. Or something.

Awful cute. Six in all. But Mama Bunny must've been a knocked-up teen without much sense, b/c she made this nest all of about 10' from our pool and 10' from the backyard. Just steps from where kids and grown-ups and dogs and cats pass by dozens of times a day.

But we did what we could. We built a tent of wood (of sorts), thinking Mama could still get in and out when she needed to, but no one would step on the nest and it would discourage the dogs and cats from messing with it. Not dog-proof by any means, but we would at least be able to easily spot if they were nosing around and yell "LEAVE IT!"

This worked for a couple days. But alas. With so many kids in the house our back door is like a revolving door and there were too many times a dog or two got out unsupervised. So poor Rosie went out to check on them last night and found the boards tossed aside and the nest empty. That's the nature of nature, I suppose, but that didn't help my weeping daughter, who tried so hard to give these babies a chance.

My heart beaks for my daughter.
My heart breaks for the poor little inexperienced Mama bunny. Hopefully she'll know better for next time.


Nicole said...

Poor bunnies! Good effort trying to save them.

alphamama said...

Give B a hug for us and tell her we're sorry. My girls would be hysterical!

Margaret said...

Poor mama bunny ;( It seems you and your family tried your hardest to shelter them. I found your blog through top mommy blogs. I will be back to read regularly!

Margaret @ Peace and Paper Designs

farmbeachgal said...

Thanks ladies. Dee, I will certainly give B a hug from you.

Margaret, glad you found my blog, welcome aboard!

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