Friday, December 23, 2011

Farm Friday - A Day in the Life

Yes, yes, last week I was awarded that Versatile Blogger's Award. I'm sure you must be thinking my life is all glamour and fame for me right about now.

Since glamour and fame stand on pretty subjective grounds, I'll let you be the judge. Here's my schedule from that day:

Slept in till 5:45 b/c I decided to go on strike and let the little so-n-so's fend for themselves for breakfast for a change.

By 7:30 I had gotten four kids up and driven in/dropped off to school, though two were on death's door to hear them tell it.

By 8:30 I had gathered eggs, let our farm dog out for the morning, and cleaned and filled the waterers.

By 9:30 I was showered and dressed and had my youngest starting his Friday "home"work while whisking one of the older kids off to school (in late b/c she got home late from the play she was in the night before).

By 10:00 I was back home, in the barn mucking out and rearranging fence panels to accomodate a hay delivery. Managed to drop a 75 ton wooden gate onto my ankle. In retrospect it was maybe more like 50 - 75 lbs.

By 11:30 I had finished supervising the hay delivery, made small talk about the holiday season with my farmer, paid the man, and hauled a new 50 lb trace mineral salt block into the barn. Managed to not drop it on my ankle.

By noon I was seated uncomfortably on a metal folding chair in a stinky gymnasium crowded with 2 million (give or take) 11 - 14 year olds. I had a sick child (one of my own) on my lap. Turns out she really was on death's door after all. My bad.

By 1:45 my eyes got all misted up when my 14 year old dtr missed a word in the spelling bee. The word was miscible. Miscible, really? Can you blame her? Anyway, this was her last chance as she's an 8th grader now and that's the upper limit. She's come in 2nd the last few years and she really wanted to win this one and go on to the county competition. Alas.

By the time I got home from the bee, my ankle was in agony. That gate I dropped on it? It did some damamge. It was all swollen and I couldn't walk without crutches. But my sister the nurse got me all set up with wrapping and elevating and medicating and icing. Then she and her husband went to Rosie's play while I watched her little boy. I had help, though. Two teens who adore him followed him around, played with him, fed him, even changed his diaper. I was set.

So yeah, that fame and fortune had me settin' on my couch with my legs propped up, icy Diet Coke in hand. Not too shabby, huh? My 15 minutes of fame.

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1 comment:

Sarah said...

Hey, feet up (injury noted) with a diet Coke in hand and no screaming kids or anyone barfing on you...sounds pretty awesome! Enjoy your moment in the sun. Hope you have a great holiday weekend!

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