Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's Christmas Eve

Yes, it's Christmas Eve. The day before Christmas.

We're in pretty good shape: shopping done, homemade gifts done, almost all of it wrapped. A certain family member of the husband persuasion has not yet begun wrapping, but he always has willing and able helpers of the daughter persuasion to get him out of a pinch.

I'll deliver a couple cookie trays to neighbors today, and tonight we'll drive out to the Herr's Factory to see the lights and we'll set up our manger, but mostly it'll be a nice, quiet, Christmas Evey sort of day.

Did I hear someone mention church? Ashamed to admit it, but we don't go to church at Christmas anymore. For years we did the Christmas Eve candlelit mass, but I've finally thrown in the religious towel. It seemed we either had to get there a half hour early in order to get a seat, or get there on time to a SRO crowd of antsy Catholics. End result was the same: everyone was miserable because either we were there what seemed like two hours, or we were standing. I know, I know, small price to pay considering the sacrifice He made for us. What can I say, I'm a wimp when it comes to whiny children who are high on Santa. I lack that kind of fortitude.

So now my nod to the spiritual aspect of Christmas is the living nativity. Round my parts, these abound. In fact there are so many to choose from that I can take my pick and select the one most convenient to me.

Last few years this has meant the operation over at Beulah Baptist. First of all, Beulah? C'mon. That's my car's name, so that's one reason to love them right there. Second, they're one of the closest. Less than ten minute's drive.

But the biggie? It's a drive-thru nativity. Yes, that's right, the glory of the birth of our Savior in drive-thru convenience.

It's nice. As you drive around the parking lot, you see the shepherds watching their flocks, a market place in Bethlehem, the tax collector's office, and of course, the stable with Mary, Joseph and the baby. It's lovely.

The only way they could improve things would be to maybe offer some food as part of their drive-thru service. Admire the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, grab your Diet Coke and be on your way.

"Would you like some fries with that?"

Wishing you all a very wonderful and peaceful and holy Christmas Eve. Wishing also to get myself back up out of this abyss on TMB. 23!!! Ick. Please click to vote? Consider it your Christmas gift to me. No shopping, no wrapping required. Thanks!
And merry Christmas.....
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