Friday, January 27, 2012

Farm Friday - I Dream of Waterers

My Amazon wish list is so stinkin' PATHETIC.

I'm sure the wishlists of all my suburban counterparts include books by Harold Robbins or Janet Evanovich. Or maybe they skip the books and wish for a little bling.

What did I just add to mine?

Oasis Poultry Waterer, On-demand Water for up to 15 Chickens, Turkeys or Ducks
by Coop Queen

In Stock.
Ships from and sold by Coop Queen.

Only 7 left in stock--order soon.

I currently have a couple of these:

Only mine aren't so pretty. See, after the last spell of cold weather, the contents bacame semi-frozen. But I'm a bit of a stubborn-slash-lazy gal, so instead of lugging these practically full waterers back to the house to thaw and scrub and refill, I began to gently bash them
yes, it is indeed possible to "gently bash" something
against the concrete to break up the ice so the water would begin to flow again.

Guess I kinda busted 'em. Now when I fill them, the water just keeps flowing right on outa there till it's empty. You could say "they can't hold their water" if you wannna chuckle.

Anyways, I found this MF genius contraption which would mean no more hauling waterers back and forth to the house, virtually no more scrubbing, and fewer freeze-ups. Plus I can put two of those pipe thingys off the bucket, and run one into the Hen House and one into the rabbit pen.

Do you have ANY idea how excited I am by this?

Like I said. I'm pathetic.

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Rooster Inn said...

Sounds lovely to me! My wish lists always include things like chicken waterers, and I don't even have chickens...go figure:-I

Anne Kimball said...


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