Thursday, April 21, 2011

So Ran-dummm

My kids say it all the time.

So ran-dummmm...

Today's goings-on could certainly be classified that way.

James and Shane had to get out to the pond this morning to do a little engineering. The bank of said pond has been slowly eroding away to the point that the water level has dropped about 2 feet. I think if we waited one more day for repairs we'd start to see the fish flappin. And sunnies don't make good eats so that's just a big waste of fish that could otherwise be caught and then released and then caught all over again.

The water from the pond had to go somewhere, and it's been turning the lowpoint of our upper field into a mudbath. Yesterday when Bella had to go fetch Annabelle to put in the barn for the night, she sauntered into this area totally unawares and found herself in a pit of quickmud. Her boots sank in so deep that the mud started oozing over the tops and all down inside.

She was stuck. Every bit of effort expended to attempt to release herself only mired her in even further. Lucky for her, Rosie was in the backyard playing badmitton with a friend, and heard Bella's plaintive cries for help. Rosie went barelling down the hill in heroic fashion, straight into the mud to join her sister, losing her flip-flops to boot.

They were both stuck. Rosie's friend, wisely, had stayed at the top of the hill to better survey the comic genius unfolding before her. She was able to run into the house (after gaining control of her laughter) and fetch the head of the household (I was, in my infinite wisdom, at CCD with James and Julie). Fred found a stout length of bamboo
who knew we had a stout length of bamboo???
and, staying clear of the mudpit, reached it out to them and pulled them out. Yes, just like in any movie with quicksand.

But that was yesterday.

Today I got pulled over by a cop in Lancaster. Rosie and I were driving up there to pick up an old friend. I tried out a new road that I had seen before but never taken. A short-cut to bypass the village of Strasburg. Guess I shouldn't have tried it today either. Apparently the speed limit was 25 mph and I was driving mumble-mumblemph. Mind you, this is a road that cuts through corn fields. There are no houses. There are no schools. There is a bank way at the end of the road and there is an old inn set waaay back off to one side of the road. Sum total. And for that I was supposed to drive 25mph? I think not.

Besides, I didn't even know it was 25. When I told the nice policeman so, he told me "You looked right at the sign, I saw you. You know when the sign has a 2 and a 5 on it, that means it's 25mph".

That's what he said to me, hand to God.

But I had to smile and giggle and act like he was so cute and clever and sit on my hands so as not to throttle him because he chose only to give me a written warning.

To my dear brother-in-law, if you're reading this, I owe you once again. That little gold card you gave me is sadly becoming careworn. I'm a good driver, honest I am, but policemen like to pull me over when I'm driving too fast through corn fields, for cryin' out loud. Seriously, I owe you a couple children by now, I think. Call me.....

This is a picture of the sunset that Rosie took on our way home from Lancaster. Pretty, right?

I know. The picture of the sunset is so...

Know what else is ran-dumm? The #18. I don't like it. Click the brown button to change my number for the better.
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Lori Printy said...

it is sort of a random post day isn't it?

This post EVERY day thing needs to start offering a paycheck or at least a snack. jeeze.

BTW you are #16 not #18 today.

farmbeachgal said...

Yeah Lori, from 21 Tues to 16 Thurs deserves something, right? I'm thinking since nothing seems to be forthcoming I'll have to pour myself a glass of wine to celebrate. Join me toight, won't you?

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