Wednesday, March 16, 2011


On my Yahoo homepage there is a news events scroll bar, with several pictures and captions to choose from.

Today when I looked over the newsworthy items, the first two caught my eye, more for the sheer lunacy of their juxtaposition than anything else.

The first:
Japan Faces Nuclear Crisis
As I looked at the image and reviewed in my mind all that had been happening in Japan over the last week, my heart broke. I thought of all the families who had lost loved ones in the tsunami. All the Mamas literally fighting for the very survival of their babies. And now radiation? What else could possibly happen?

The next:
Bachelor Makes Final Decision


Unless the bachelor has made a decision as to

how to provide food, clean water, and shelter to the millions of Japanese citizens in need


how to contain the radiation leaking as we speak from the damaged housing of the nuclear reactors


how to identify, clean up, and notify next of kin for the thousands upon thousands of men, women and children killed by the tsunami

then I honestly do not want to know what decision he has made that is so earth-shattering.

Don't get me wrong. I like shallow, mind-numbing TV as much as the next gal.

And hey, I'm all for arranged marriages, I mean, who isn't?

All I ask is for a modicum of sensitivity and common sense when deciding where to place this news nugget.

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Lori Printy said...

hey did it mention us and our rise to the top of top mommy blog?

seems like above the fold sort news to me.

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