Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Twitterpations, Interrupted

Bella: MOM! You'll nevuh believe it! You-know-who asked me to sit next to him on duh bus today!

Me: What? What happened? Tell me all about it!

B: OK, well come over here, away from duh boyzzzzzz.

Me: OK, so tell....

B: Well, I was sitting on duh mat doing my math and M came ovuh and said, "Do you want to sit with me on the bus today?" And I said OK, and den my bwain stawted thinkin' bout othuh stuff cuz I don't know what it was thinking bout and ....

James: Mommmmmm! Patrick is sooooo creeeeeeepy!

Me: Hold on a sec, Bella.
What did he do?

J: I was in duh bafroom, an I was doin my process, and when I opened duh door, Patrick was sitting on duh kitchen stool right outside duh bafroom door and he was just staring and waiting for me to come out. He was sooooo creeeeepy!

Me: Ummm, OK, well I think you can manage that one without my help.
OK, Bella, go ahead. What else?

B:So we was on duh bus and he was showing me his DS and it had a dog on it and it was a puppy and it was soooo cute! And den Lexie wanted some snacks and she wanted M-n-Ms but I gave huh some waisins and dere was a lot uh weally big waisins and....

J: Mommmmmmmmmmmm!

Me: Hold on, Bella...
What James?

J: I ran into your bafroom to get away from Patrick, and I locked duh door, and I was peein', and den I heard knockin' on duh window and I heard my name and I looked out duh window and Patrick was on duh balcony and he was lookin' in the window and sayin my name and it was sooooo creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy!

Me: Yes. That is without a doubt creepy. I still think this is something you can handle.

Bella(talking into the phone): .....so ummmm, maybe we could like, sit next to each uduh on duh bus again tomowwow and ummmm.....I liked dat and like....I'll see you in school tomowwow and um......just to tell you I like you and ummm..... call me OK?

Julie (who overheard the phone conversation): Bella, you should NOT have said you liked him on the phone! Because now his mother and his whole family will hear the message that you like him! This is not goot. Oh this is not goot.

bella: No, I was just tawking to M!

Me: Bella, honey, you left a message on his answering machine. You know how they work, right? You know anyone in his family could hear that, right?

Bella (Hanging head): No! No no no! I ony wanted M to heah dat! I need to take it back!

Me: Sorry, babe. There's no taking it back. But that's OK. I think it's kind of sweet. I'm sure he will too. And his family probably won't hear it except maybe his Mom. And I think his Mom already knows you like him ayway, so it's OK.

Bella (now sitting in my lap): Oh I can't bewieve I did dat. I'm going to be embawwassed when I see him tomowwow.

Me: Don't you worry another minute about it darlin'. It'll all be fine. You just remember how it felt when he asked if you would sit next to him.

Bella (with eyelashes fluttering and hands clasped under her chin): Ahhhh. It was SO wo-MAN-tic!

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