Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dream Weaver

My kids are going to need so much therapy.
So much.

Driving Rosie and her friend Maggie in to their play this morning she related last night's dream to me.

And if you'll recall, it is her bathtub that our new chicks are residing in.

R: I had a dream last night that I went into my bathroom and the tub was filled with water and the chicks were floating in it. Some were dead and some were still alive and I was trying to save them. And there were also these little tiny black things that were the heads of some birds. I told you, 'These birds killed some of our chicks' and you were like, 'Yeah I know' like you didn't even care and I said 'well how did they get in past 3 doors' and you just said they were super tiny, like that explained everything.

Me: That's so sad that you were having to save drowning chicks in the bathtub in your dream!

R: Oh but it gets worse. Because then I was trying to help you build a new enclosure for them, but it was all open on one side and I was like, 'Aren't the foxes gonna get them?' and you said, 'Nahh, I wouldn't worry about that' and then these geese kind of moved in to live with the chicks. But the geese had their wings sewed on with pink and green fabric and they had button eyes. And there was like a Grandma Goose and a Grandpa Goose and you were talking to the Grandma Goose and I was like, 'Do you know her?" and you said, 'Oh, yeah, I know her, she's in my chicken group'.

Maggie: Chicken group?

R: Yeah. My Mom belongs to a chicken group.
Accompanied by much eye-rolling and suppressed giggles.

Me: Don't laugh! It's true, I belong to a chicken group. It's a very informative listserv where I can post questions and get lots of feedback and in fact just this morning I learned from Ol' George.....

R: Ol' George, Mom?

Me: Yes, Ol' George. He's a wisened old man with a plethora of information and good advice on raising chickens and he has a fondness for Rhode Island Reds. He is a sage.

R: Mom, have you learned nothing about cyber safety? He's probably a pimply 13 year old boy having a good laugh at your expense.

Me: I think not.

R: Anyway. In the dream you were talking to this Grandma Goose like you were old friends and you told me you were trying to make more friends. You were trying to expand your social circles.

Me: That is just so sad on so many levels.....

All: Silence for awhile.

Pensive, heavy silence.

Maggie: I had a dream about dancing Twizzlers.

Why do my children have to have dreams about drowning baby chicks?
And geese with sewed on wings and button eyes?

What can't my children have dreams about dancing Twizzlers?

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