Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Not Fair!

Apparently I live in a house with 6 young justices, because all I ever seem to hear around here is


For instance....

Rosie: Mom, how much longer will the chicks be in my bathtub?
Me: Partly depends on the weather, but roughly another 2 weeks.

Mind you, she's the only one of the kids with her own bathroom. Not exactly sure how that's fair, but whatever ....

Bella: Can I have a soda?
Me: No.

Doesn't seem fair that I'm the one paying the dentist for your rotten teeth, either, but OK....

Julie: Can I watch this movie?
Me: No.

That is NOT not fair. What would be not fair is if I had to calm your fears in the middle of the night or share my bed with you because you watched a rated R movie about some evil dead thing ripping people's throats out.

Patrick: Mommmmmmm! Daniel is being annoying and inappropriate and I've asked him a bunch of times to stop and he won't listen!
Me (to Daniel: Go pick up your pony's halter that he lost, it's just inside the gate near the pond, and put it in the barn. Also take this bag of lettuce and stuff and feed it to the bunnies.

Is it fair to be treated rudely? Sorry bud, but when you disrespect your brothers and sisters, you write yourself a ticket for extra chores.

Me (to James): Empty the dishwasher, please.
J: NOT FAIR! I already emptied it today.
Me: Too bad.

The dishwasher is your chore this week and sometimes that means emptying it twice in one day. Get over it.

Patrick: Can I have early screens?
Me: No.

Is it fair that I may someday have to support your lazy a** if you don't get good a good job
b/c you didn't get into college
b/c you didn't get good grades in high school
b/c you didn't do your homework
b/c you were too busy playing x-box?

I think not.

Me: Click the button to vote for me.
Me: Life's not fair. Get over it. Now click the button.

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bonnie said...

i didn't say not fair.. i just said urg.

farmbeachgal said...

Urg, Not Fair, same difference.<3

Ali said...

Reminds me of the conversations I have with my students all day long:

Student: Can I have a pencil?

Me: Last time I loaned you a pencil, I never saw it again. So this time you need to trade me something for collateral.

Student: That's childish Ms. S

Me: I agree that it is childish of you to not return things when you borrow them

Student: I meant you were being childish Ms. S.

This same conversation plays out ALL day long, just replacing the need for a pencil with other things. I'm also very childish because I assign detentions for tardies :)

farmbeachgal said...

Ohhh, I just LOVE when they try to turn their behavioral shortcomings onto me! I'm mean or unfair or I like the other one more or I'm just wrong. LOVEIT!

Joy said...

About your child who wants a soda but doesn't appreciate you paying the dentist bills, maybe (s)he could pay next time? :) Or show them some pictures of rotten teeth on the internet. I'm considering showing my 4 year old...

This site is great too - it has a teen section. You can check it out at www.1dental.com/moms-guide. It's been a great resource for me.

farmbeachgal said...

Joy, I know. I plan on having my oldest (worst offender) pay back some of the bills when he gets a job this summer. I think that's the only thing that could possibly cause a change. Aurgh.

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